Create a Child’s Favorite Room to Be Bored

Create a Child’s Favorite Room to Be Bored. Spaces in the house can be transformed into a pleasant space for children.

Here are some inspirations.

Children’s activities are not limited to his room.

The whole house can be a space for him to do activities and explore the environment.

For example, a terrace or a family room can be a playground, and a dining room can be a place of learning.

Therefore, it is important to create spaces that are “child-friendly”.

That is, space must be designed so that children are comfortable and safe in it.

In addition, these spaces should also be designed to be attractive so that children like to move there.

Attractive colors or unique forms of furniture can be the solution.

With the development of residential design, the design of spaces for children also undergoes changes, of course without ignoring the primary needs of children.

Here’s the inspiration!

Create a Child’s Favorite Room to Be Bored

This nursery is simply designed with a monochrome color scheme.

The combination of black and white on the walls and soft furnishings gives the impression of comfort and calm in the room.

Cat picture stickers make the room look attractive and eliminate the impression of monochrome in this child’s room.

Create Practical Storage

Create a Child’s Favorite Room to Be Bored

The booming collection of children’s toys makes the room need a lot of storage space.

If the room is small in size and can no longer accommodate a cabinet, just add practical storage with shelves.

Not only save, but shelves also become a place to display toys.

In addition, also use a box or storage bag to store toys.

Practical and saving place, right?

Affirm Character Through Color

Create a Child’s Favorite Room to Be Bored

The easiest way to beautify the appearance of space is to give color to it.

Like this boy’s room, which is charming with a blend of gray and blue
dark in one part of the wall.

This color combination emphasizes the masculine character in this boy’s room.

Terrace and Place to Play

Create a Child’s Favorite Room to Be Bored

The terrace can be a fun children’s play area.

Utilizing the terrace as a playground makes it easy for parents to watch their children while relaxing in the afternoon.

You can present a slide on the terrace so that children like to play.

Don’t forget, apply bright colors to the furniture on the terrace to give a playful impression.

All-White For the Feminine

Create a Child’s Favorite Room to Be Bored

You can use white to create a feminine impression in a girls’ room.

However, if your child likes pink, use this color as a space accent, for example by applying it to soft furnishings such as sheets.

Other colors can also be added through plants and children’s toys.

Special Playroom

Create a Child’s Favorite Room to Be Bored

If you don’t want your child’s sleep time to be interrupted, you can provide a special room as your child’s playroom like this home.

Give interesting decorations so that children feel at home in the room.

Don’t forget to add a box or shelves as a storage tool for your child’s toys. SAR

Sleep, Play, Study

Create a Child’s Favorite Room to Be Bored

In this house, the children’s room not only serves as a place to rest but also designed as a study and playroom.

For this reason, in the corner of this room, there is a desk and play equipment for your child.

If you carry the concept, parents must be wise in managing children’s time, between resting sleep, learning, and playing

All Mini Size

Create a Child’s Favorite Room to Be Bored

Adjusting the age of the child, this furniture and decoration are presented in mini sizes with attractive color play.

A small version of this item is a learning tool to get to know various types of animals and equipment that are commonly found every day.

Bright colors representing the child’s cheerful soul are also present through wallcoverings and curtains.

For the Girly

Create a Child’s Favorite Room to Be Bored

Pink is the favorite color of almost all girls.

So that the room does not look crowded, white is a color that is combined with pink.

Here, the color pink is only pinned to soft furnishings such as curtains, pillows, mosquito nets, blankets, dolls, and polka-dot stickers on the walls. SAR

Long Study Desk

Create a Child’s Favorite Room to Be Bored

This is the room of two grown boys.

In this room, there is a study table that is made long to be able to accommodate the needs of the two children.

Funny trinkets

Create a Child’s Favorite Room to Be Bored

In contrast to adult rooms, children’s rooms are supposed to be decorated with many accessories and cute trinkets.

The accessory chosen must also have a matching color.

Play in the family room

Create a Child’s Favorite Room to Be Bored

So that every corner of the house is a favorite place for children, this play area is presented in one part of the family room.

A long sofa that can be used for sleeping, carpeting, and camping complements children’s play facilities.

A large area allows the presence of parents in their cheerful moments.

Fun Learning Methods

This room is designed to meet the child’s need for a comfortable resting place, too
a place to learn and play.

Here, children are introduced to shapes, colors, types of animals, in a fun way through wall covers, carpets, bedcovers, sofas.

Available storage is quite diverse to train children to discipline tidying his room.

Creative Storage

Design creativity applies to the storage of trinkets in this room.

The unique form of a small shelf that is connected and attached to the wall is not only a storage facility. But also an attractive decoration.

Complete this unique shelf with a wooden cover or mirror so that it is not monotonous.

Multifunctional Furniture

This tiny room is maximized with multifunctional furniture.

The bottom of the bed made shelves open stacking to store books and goods
the other.

In one part of the shelf made a ladder as a means for children to get into bed.

This ladder can also be used to sit down when a child’s friend comes to study together.