Create a Child’s Favorite Room to Be Bored

Create a Child’s Favorite Room to Be Bored. Spaces in the house can be transformed into a pleasant space for children.

Here are some inspirations.

Children’s activities are not limited to his room.

The whole house can be a space for him to do activities and explore the environment.

For example, a terrace or a family room can be a playground, and a dining room can be a place of learning.

Therefore, it is important to create spaces that are “child-friendly”.

That is, space must be designed so that children are comfortable and safe in it.

In addition, these spaces should also be designed to be attractive so that children like to move there.

Attractive colors or unique forms of furniture can be the solution.

With the development of residential design, the design of spaces for children also undergoes changes, of course without ignoring the primary needs of children.

Here’s the inspiration!

Create a Child’s Favorite Room to Be Bored

This nursery is simply designed with a monochrome color scheme.

The combination of black and white on the walls and soft furnishings gives the impression of comfort and calm in the room.

Cat picture stickers make the room look attractive and eliminate the impression of monochrome in this child’s room.

Create Practical Storage

Create a Child’s Favorite Room to Be Bored

The booming collection of children’s toys makes the room need a lot of storage space.

If the room is small in size and can no longer accommodate a cabinet, just add practical storage with shelves.

Not only save, but shelves also become a place to display toys.

In addition, also use a box or storage bag to store toys.

Practical and saving place, right?

Affirm Character Through Color

Create a Child’s Favorite Room to Be Bored

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