6 Basic Concepts Design that Supports Work Effectiveness

6 Basic Concepts Design that Supports Work Effectiveness. If you are currently on a journey to build your own business whether it’s a restaurant, cafe, hotel, saloon, boarding house or other business fields.
Complete immediately with furniture that suits your business style and in accordance with your budget.

6 Basic Concepts Design that Supports Work Effectiveness

6 Basic Concepts Design that Supports Work Effectiveness

  • Cafe or Restaurant Business

Choosing the type and model of furniture for the cafe or restaurant business is not easy but also not difficult.
First, determine the basis of the style that your cafe wants to carry.
Many types of nuances to choose from such as classic, modern, minimalist, full color to contemporary.
After that, you can choose the right furniture.
For example chairs and tables with wooden elements to build a contemporary feel like a Dacey Chair
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  • Lodging Places Business

Having a lodging business is no less interesting.
Whether it’s a 5-star hotel to boarding rooms for immigrants or college kids.
At present, lodging models that are instagrammable with their colors and designs are on the rise and are in great demand.
Informa itself is ready to provide a variety of furniture and accessories ranging from mattresses with single or double sizes such as Riviera Mattress,
storage cabinets, glass walls, carpets, pillows, blankets to modern bathroom furniture and can certainly be adjusted to your interior taste.

  • Office Business

Start-up business opportunities are also mushrooming and have a high potential for success at this time.
If you have a bright idea and want to get started or maybe want to develop a business, a conducive office is important to build. 6 Basic Concepts Design that Supports Work Effectiveness.
Whether you are renting a location or maybe buying a building to make an office.
Fill it with a variety of furniture that is ready to support the business.
Choose office desks and chairs with models that are equipped with comfortable ergonomic features such as the Camaro Office Chair,
office desks with additional storage drawers at the bottom to enhance aesthetic wall decorations.

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Working as an employee certainly requires them to be in the office for a long period of time.
This makes the office an area that needs to be designed appropriately and can certainly support activities in it.
The atmosphere, design, and layout of an office space can also affect the performance and creativity that will be generated by its members.
In addition, the right design will also affect the use of the area wisely so as to maximize the function of each space without any area wasted.

If you are currently looking for inspiration on how to determine the design or layout of your office space,
here are 4 main things that are important to note:

Business or Office Concepts

Start by determining the type of work, who will work in the office and the facilities you want to complete.

  • Office equipment

The more the number of users of space,
then make sure to choose furniture that is minimalist and does not have a size that is too large and has a full volume.

  • Office Area

Know clearly how wide the office area is from the length, width to height.
Also make sure the position of the window, door, stair area to the toilet room.

  • Division of Department

It is important to precisely arrange the layout of each department in one room.
Position similar departments in close range to facilitate communication.

After considering the above factors.
here are some basic concepts of design or layout.

Of the office area that can be your choice with consideration as needed.


This concept is a fairly conventional concept and has been widely applied in quite a long time.
One of its main characteristics is the formation of cubic in a work area that is restricted by boards or high cubic.
This gives each employee a private area where one area box is for the use of just one person.
This concept has several advantages and disadvantages as follows.


Privacy is maintained between each employee and the cubic surrounding the work area.
More focused and easy to concentrate on working without being interrupted by other employee activities.
Distinguishing spaces also makes the hierarchy in the department system clearer.


Takes up a lot of space because cubical areas require additional areas in each boundary of the work area.
Difficult to communicate with a closed situation between one employee with other employees

And between departments
It cannot be supervised freely because of the restrictions in each work area.

In contrast to the closed cubical concept, the concept of open office space is on the rise and is widely practiced in the current workspace system.
This concept is certainly more modern and aims to unite several very diverse departments.
Usually, the separator is only used to divide the work area, meeting room or pantry.
Note the advantages and disadvantages of the open workspace below.


Supervision of work productivity can be done more flexibly.
Open space is marked by a large table that is used together without restrictions thereby saving the area of ​​the room.
The process of coordinating with other departments or departments is easier and faster.
Easy to provide a new interior design that can use wall or wall decoration interchange


The area becomes very open and the intensity of communication with other members is higher so privacy is low.
It usually becomes difficult to concentrate because it is filled with many employees who are very audible and visible when speaking or on the move.
The security of personal belongings is lower and requires extra supervision.
More and more people in one room also has the potential to feel that is too noisy.


In addition to the two concepts above that can be applied individually.
They can also be combined with notes used according to the function of the space to be built.
For example, the work area of all departments is made .

With an open concept but the meeting room is made with a closed concept to be more focused.

Those are some inspiration for the arrangement of office space.

Which, of course, must be adjusted to the needs of the office that wants to be created.
All three, of course, have advantages and disadvantages that can be your consideration.
Find other inspiration about the layout and design of your office only on this site